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I have been operating and building Gem and Silver for over a year now. For starters, my personal and career life have merged, and in this beautiful, overwhelming experience, I have been tapped out energetically. About eight weeks ago, I moved back to Los Angeles from China – between catching up with close friends to revisiting my most treasured neighborhoods and tending to my career path, I have expended care to all those around me, leaving my self care deader than Kim Kardashian’s facial expressions. I felt cranky, out of touch, and my emotions have collectively thrown itself into a nutribullet. My positivity was running on reserve, and if I was going to blog about self-care, I had to find a way to feel in touch with it. 

– How do you know you haven’t been tending to yourself? –

Feeling manic & chaotic are good indicators that you haven’t been sitting down with your general physical and mental needs. When you find yourself being unkind, take a moment to pause.

Gem and Silver Self Care Blog post - Handmade Healing Gemstone & Crystal Bracelets and Necklaces

Feeling more sensitive than usual is permitted.

Self-care does not have to mean hours spent with a lush bath bomb and lavish retail therapy. Self-care can mean simple forgiveness and boundaries. In episode #46 of Self Care Club by Natalie Ross (shout out to you – you’re a badass), her guest talks about setting boundaries and rejecting circumstances when you no longer feel “safe”. This spoke to me on so many levels. Everyone’s meter of safety is factored in such complexity based off personal and intimate experiences. Your safe space, best known as, your life, is worthy of consistent attention.

Gem and Silver Self Care Blog post - Handmade Healing Gemstone & Crystal Bracelets and Necklaces

Placing boundaries will present a sense of peace when we’ve taken accountability for our exhaustion. We literally don’t have to push ourselves beyond the limits of what we’re able to handle. Protect thy energy at all costs. How we receive and give our time is a measurement of humanity; there is no good or bad, right nor wrong, and definitely no competition.

– Seek the best possible good in the situations you find yourself in, and as always, act in ways that reflect your integrity, not your situation. –

Forgiveness is an element of self-care. This means being gentle with yourself when you’ve been acting out of character, and meeting the same compassion with others. Renew yourself in chaotic situations by spending quality time with yourself. Self-Awareness is remarkably important in understanding the chaos created by your circumstances. Consume compassion and kindness for yourself before the instinct to give it to others. When we are gentle with our own behaviors, being gentle towards others will come naturally. As long as we have consistent positive and practical intention, we can survive this human experience.


– Written by Joyce Lee Tsang –

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