Root Chakra : Muladhara
Color : Red

Muladhara, rightfully dissected into the meaning of “root” and “support”, is located at the Base of your spine, and thus being closest to the Earth. This Chakra connects you most to your mortal needs and human instincts, of survival. For the majority of us in current times, survival means financial security and emotional stability. We often seek these two things for our entire lives. “Ground your Energy” – a saying you often hear in Yoga and Meditation; The Root Chakra essentially regulates Fear – our body’s natural instinct to keep us alive. In an Overactive Root Chakra, You will feel the physical symptoms start to manifest in the lower half of your body, resulting in abnormal bowel movements and back pain. Pay attention and do not ignore! Practice GRATITUDE in conjunction with Gemstones like Red Jasper and Garnet, to combat your body’s anxiousness. Being thankful will give you a sense of accomplishment, no matter how small, and see that all accomplishments matters. Practicing Gratitude is a tool you can use to recognize the positives in areas that you perceive as inadequacies. See the glass more than a half full, and you will soon realize that have all you need to survive. Ground yourself, and the human experience becomes more and more beautiful. An underactive Root Chakra might result in a lack of focus. You may stimulate this by connecting with nature in some way, even a 10 minute walk in the Sun will help tremendously. What a balanced Root Chakra feels like : an inner calm when you think about finances, love, and home.


Summary of Symptoms:

Overactive Root Chakra – physical anxiety that you may feel in your stomach

Underactive Root Chakra – loss of direction and focus on goals and tasks

What a balanced Root Chakra feels like : An inner peace when thinking about basic human needs – finances, love, and home.

Gemstones in these categories will help Calm or Stimulate an Overactive or Underactive Root Chakra.
Red Jasper
Rainbow Black Obsidian
Smoky Quartz
Black Onyx

– Joyce

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