Dear valued and cherished customers,

We are doing everything within our power to ship out orders promptly, within 24-48 hours of purchase date. However, we have an integrity and responsibility to uphold in informing you that due to COVID-19, commonly referred to as “Coronavirus”, many shipments are being delayed due to flight cancellations. Rest assured, your item(s) will be delivered to you safely with just a bit more wait time on your part. We truly apologize about this, and will continue to follow up and take full responsibility for what happens to your order. Please contact us HERE if you have not yet received your order, and we will promptly reply with its status. Your business is greatly and sincerely appreciated during this unforeseen pandemic. We can not express enough our gratitude for the ones who choose to support our company during these trying times!!

In addition, we are strictly practicing and reinforcing all CDC regulations on all staff handling your packages. Rigorous sanitation and disinfecting all outgoing orders is at an all time importance for us. 

Thank you so much for your time and patience with us,


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 About Us 
GEM+SILVER is a small family business. Our hard-working staff personally designs and produces only Handmade items, made-to-order every time to ensure each individual’s perfect fit. Over the years, we have accumulated + curated dozens of designs to also help you get started on personal DIY to business ventures.

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