Lava Rock & White Howlite Healing Gemstone Bracelet with Tibetan Silver Lotus Bead | Reiki Energy Crown Chakra Stones



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Simple & Classic Handmade Elastic Bracelet
Tibetan Silver Lotus Flower Bead for Mindfulness Meditation, Gratitude, and Protection with 8mm Natural White Howlite Gemstones and Natural Lava Rock
7TH (Sahasrara) Healing Crown Chakra Stones
Prana Chi Regulation & Activation

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- Because Lava Rock is porous, you may also add a drop of your favorite essential oil to the lava rock beads and use them as a diffuser for Aromatherapy. White Howlite is useful for stimulating and regulating your Crown Chakra. The crown chakra enables you to transcend your limitations, move beyond materialistic needs, and to connect with the universe as a whole. Use these high quality gemstone and lava rock beads to bring about mindfulness during your meditation practice, or simply for daily wear, awareness, compassion, self-soothing, and gratitude :)

Wrist Sizes Available : 6.5"/16.51cm to 9"/22.86cm
How to measure your wrist for a perfect fit

*We go by wrist size and not the length of bracelet. We suggest that you measure your wrist before making purchase.

*All parts of this bracelet are measured as accurately as possible. Quality Checks are taken very seriously to ensure you the item is as described. Due to the natural formation of gemstones & a 100% Handmade Product, all bracelets will have slight variations. View disclaimers in our FAQ. :)

Item Description:

  • Natural High Grade Healing Gemstones
    - 8mm Non-treated White Howlite - 6 Beads
  • 8mm Natural High Quality Lava Rock
  • Nickel-Free & Lead-Free Tibetan Silver
    - Vintage Spacer Beads
    - Lotus Flower Bead
    * From the Buddhist’s view, the Lotus Flower symbolizes purity, prosperity, and growth - It symbolizes Purity because the Lotus blooms in muddy waters, and it floats above toxic attachment and yearning.
  • Multiple Durable Elastic Cords
  • Included FREE with purchase:

A Free Silver Polishing Cloth will be included in your order to help you maintain your precious metal in its best condition for many years. Discoloration is a natural aging process of Tibetan Silver. Use the complimentary Polishing Cloth to return the Silver to its original condition.

  • Free Alteration Kit

A Free Alteration Kit will also be included along with extra lava rock beads ; just in case you wish to extend or reduce the size of your bracelet as you wish.

About the gemstone(s):
- Howlite is also known as White Howlite, White Buffalo, Sacred Buffalo, Lapis Howlite, White Turquoise, Silico Boro Calcite and Kaolinite. Howlite is a great tool during meditation because it will focus your mind. It can promote serenity of mind. Healing Howlite keeps you stress-free because Howlite is also a powerful calming therapy stone. Howlite can focus your creativity and create room for self-expression. White Howlite helps find inspiration or motivation. When one wears a White Howlite Healing Bracelet, Howlite can absorb negative feelings like anger, jealousy and replaces those emotions with positivity. Let this protection stone get rid of harmful thoughts and emotions and ensure that you have a peaceful aura.

Product ID : TSB072


    Wrist / Ankle Measurement
    - It is important for us to make your bracelet or anklet to fit exactly where you want it.-
    (*For anklet buyers, you may measure your ankle just the same way as you measure your wrists.) 
    Measuring around your wrist or ankle is different than measuring a bracelet or anklet from end to end lengthwise.
    Please note: Different bead sizes affect the the measurement of your bracelet lengthwise. Regardless of bead size, the inside circumference of your bracelet is all the same. 

    Here's how to measure your wrist: Wrap around your wrist using a thin flexible measuring tape, and measure where you would like to wear your bracelet
    *No need to add extra length. We add close to a 1/4 inch to each bracelet for your comfort.

    No problem!

    If you don't have a flexible measuring tape handy, you may use a strip of thin paper or a thin string (be sure they are thin). Wrap and mark where it overlaps on your wrist, and then lay the strip or string flat to measure up to the mark using a standard ruler.