Set of 5 Genuine Raw Strawberry Quartz | Charged Healing Meditation Crystals | Anahata Heart Chakra Center for Cleansing, Purifying, and Healing Past Heartbreaks



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HEALING HEART CHAKRA // ANAHATA ACTIVATION REIKI CRYSTAL SET / RAW GLOWING STRAWBERRY QUARTZ CRYSTALS ~ Chosen with loving intentions for Men, Women, All Genders! - A Perfect Gift for friends and family... or for YOURSELF :) Tis the season!!

~ Hold space in your Heart for Unwavering Self-Awareness, Acceptance, and Expanding your Self-Love through Daily Wear and Exposure
~ Meditation, Manifestation, Enlightenment, Awareness, Protection, Grounding Prana Qi, Powerful Reiki Healing, Chakra Regulation & Alignment

- Use this soothing, high quality Raw Strawberry Quartz Crystal set to bring about mindfulness during your meditation practice, for awareness, compassion, self-soothing, and gratitude. Scroll down for more information about the benefits of meditating with Raw Strawberry Quartz.

Item Specifics :

*This Crystal Set is measured as accurately as possible. Quality Checks are taken very seriously to ensure you the item is as described. Due to the natural formation of crystals, all crystals that are shipped to you will have slight variations. Please read the item description carefully before purchasing :) View disclaimer at the end of this page.

Genuine, Natural, Untreated Raw Strawberry Quartz -

  • Quantity : Set of 5
  • Size : About 1.5-2.5cm in Width and Length
  • Each Strawberry Quartz Crystal is chosen with loving intentions and infused with Heart Chakra Reiki Energy Healing.
    * A member of the "Fruit Quartz" family! So cute, right?! Yeah, we think so too :)
  • It is important to cleanse your crystal in direct sunlight or moonlight before use due to its previous owners before you, and its passing of various energy fields on its way to you!
  • Each crystal will be shipped at random. The item photo is for reference only.
Natural Strawberry Quartz Gemstones are used to activate and regulate your Heart Chakra (also known as Anahata or your Fourth Chakra) so that you may be more open to love and less jaded by previous experiences. Strawberry quartz is used for maintaining or adding a cute innocence to loving relationships who have lost its initial luster. In addition to the generic healing properties of Quartz, Strawberry Quartz stimulates the heart energy center, filling ones total person with the feeling of love and with the euphoria of the true loving environment. Wearing Strawberry Quartz increases the carrier's charm and heals the wound of love affairs by reinstilling trust. They are most often found in Russia and in neighboring regions such as Kazakhstan, as well as Brazil. Gemologists use the term "sagenitic quartz" to refer to transparent colorless quartz containing needlelike crystals of rutile. Quartz with red inclusions of iron oxide is more rarely found, and is often sold under the name strawberry quartz or "red fire" quartz. Fruit quartz is the general trade term for a group of colorful, translucent materials that are individually known by names such as "cherry quartz," "blueberry quartz," "strawberry quartz, "kiwi quartz," "pineapple quartz," and so on.

About Us:
We deliver present moment awareness in every piece we make. Every gemstone, stone, silver part, & mala agarwood alike has a story, an energy. It becomes your energy. I hope you're able to find something to suit your personality. A gentle reminder that enhances your character and spirit.

Our designs are simple and personalized for all gendersCrystals aid ones self control, decision making, intuition, and protection. Gemstones and Crystals are regarded to be powerful protection agents, absorbing negative energy, releasing mental stress, and to promote emotional well-beingCrystals allow an individual to focus their mind, promoting balance and strength to get through difficult phases of life while relieving doubt, and bestows decision making with vision and clarity.

* Disclaimer : We guarantee all of our gemstones, lava rock, crystals, & silver parts are natural and genuine. Due to the natural stone formations and our studio lighting, every bracelet, necklace, and anklet will vary slightly, and will not be an exact replica of the one you see in the photos. Texture, color and other appearances may be different due to lighting in your environment. Please use your best judgement before buying. With that said, we value our customers and will provide you with only the highest quality products. Please keep in mind that the item photos are for reference only. Please feel free to contact us with any question you may have regarding our products. WE ARE NOT QUALIFIED PROFESSIONALS FOR OFFERING HEALTH OR HEALING RELATED ADVICE. PLEASE CONSULT A LICENSED PHYSICIAN. WE PROVIDE INFORMATION BASED OFF EXTENSIVE PERSONAL RESEARCH FROM UNOFFICIAL SOURCES, AND IS NOT SCIENTIFICALLY OR MEDICALLY PROVEN TO HAVE HEALING BENEFITS.

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