4mm Bright Black Onyx & Agarwood Healing Gemstone Necklace with S925 Sterling Silver Gaunyin Buddha Pendant, OM Spacers, & Lobster Clasp - Handmade by Gem & Silver NK110



Size Guide
Necklace Length
Zen Yoga Meditation Healing Necklace
Protection, Spiritual, Grounding, Chakras, & Awareness
  • Handmade Sterling Silver Clasp Necklace
  • Made for Men & Women / All Genders
  • 4mm Natural High Quality Bright Black Onyx
  • 4.5mm Vietnamese Agarwood
    - Each Agarwood bead is handcrafted
  • Genuine S925 Sterling Silver parts: (approximately)
    - Guanyin Buddha Pendant: (8x16mm)
    - OM Spacers: (5x5x4mm)
    - Lobster Clasp: (12x5.5)
  • Included Free with Purchase:
    - Silver Polishing Cloth
    - Soft Jewelry Bag
A Free Silver Polishing Cloth and a soft, metallic silver embossed Jewelry Bag will be included in your order to help you maintain your precious metal in its best condition for many years.

    Agarwood Packaging: Ziplock bag will be included with your shipment in order to keep the fragrance of the Agarwood Meditation Beads.

    Inspiration/Story Behind This Product:
    - Black Onyx has a slow, grounding and stable frequency to it. It is a crystal that took its time in being formed. The gift of black onyx is the energy of strong support, stamina and determination to help one persevere. It will teach the wearer to rely on his or her own powers and trust their inner voice.

    - Agarwood, the “Wood of the Gods” has been traded and highly coveted for thousands of years. The resinous wood is used as incense, for medicinal purposes, and pure resin in distilled form is used as an essential oil as well as a perfume. Outside its native countries, it is known in the Middle East, China, Taiwan, and Japan. Religious texts were written on bark from agar trees. Agarwood as one of the divine trees with the ability to fulfill human desire. Agarwood has played an important role in many religious traditions all over the world. It has been revered for millennia for its fragrance in religious ceremony and its incense burned at the burial of Jesus Christ. Agarwood smoke was also used to scent the armor of Samurai warriors before heading into battle.

    *Wholesale Pricing Available

    Wrist / Ankle Measurement
    - It is important for us to make your bracelet or anklet to fit exactly where you want it.-
    (*For anklet buyers, you may measure your ankle just the same way as you measure your wrists.) 
    Measuring around your wrist or ankle is different than measuring a bracelet or anklet from end to end lengthwise.
    Please note: Different bead sizes affect the the measurement of your bracelet lengthwise. Regardless of bead size, the inside circumference of your bracelet is all the same. 

    Here's how to measure your wrist: Wrap around your wrist using a thin flexible measuring tape, and measure where you would like to wear your bracelet
    *No need to add extra length. We add close to a 1/4 inch to each bracelet for your comfort.

    No problem!

    If you don't have a flexible measuring tape handy, you may use a strip of thin paper or a thin string (be sure they are thin). Wrap and mark where it overlaps on your wrist, and then lay the strip or string flat to measure up to the mark using a standard ruler.