Enhanced Blue Turquoise with White Howlite Facial Massage Roller - HANDMADE, ALL NATURAL GEMSTONE FORMATION


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An ALL NATURAL, ALL HANDMADE Gemstone Facial Roller designed with a weighted, substantial feel that is both Ergonomic & Multi-functional


- Facial Rollers originated in 17th Century China & have been used for centuries. Providing you with the most high quality facial roller, GUESS where we sourced? :) 


  • Proven to slim down your face with consistent use. 
  • Aids skincare products better absorb into the skin.
  • Stimulating your lymphatic nodes drain excess fluids from the face. See ya later double-chin & puffy eye bags!! 
    PRO TIP : Put it in the fridge.
  • Get your lymph flow on! Your lymph system contains vital fluid responsible for relieving the body of its waste & toxins.
  • Spend $$$$$ each week on facial massages? or Use this facial massager for 10 minutes a day while watching that one show in your favorite sweatpants. We choose the latter.
  • Well, whether or not you want that chiseled jawline, Remember your face has muscles too. It gets tense just like the rest of your body! 
  • Perfect night time ritual. It's SOOO relaxing!!!
  • Included FREE with Purchase:
    - Soft Travel Bag

A soft, metallic silver embossed travel bag will be included in your order to help maintain your bracelet in its best condition for many years. When not in use, you may place your Facial Roller back in the bag to prevent friction, dust, and scratches :)

Large roller : for your forehead, cheeks & neck 
Small roller : for under the eyes & around the mouth

* Dimensions are approximated. We have measured this item as accurately as possible. Quality Checks are taken very seriously to ensure you the item is as described. Please Keep in Mind : The gemstones in this item are NOT machine produced. Each Facial Massage Roller will be different than the one in the photos. Photos are for reference ONLY.

Product ID : MA-TUR

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