Handmade Ice Obsidian Guan Gong Pendant Beaded Necklace Natural Top-quality Healing Jewelry

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  • Made for Men & Women
  • Natural High-Quality Gemstones
  • 5.5mm Top-quality Ice Obsidian Round Beads
  • Hand-carved Ice Obsidian Guan Gong Pendant (37.7x56x9.3mm approximately)
  • Strong Chinese Braided Cords
  • More details in the description below

Handcrafted Ice Obsidian Guan Gong Pendant Necklace - Powerful Gemstone Jewelry

Elevate your spiritual journey with this exquisite handmade ice obsidian pendant necklace featuring the revered Guan Gong. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this natural gemstone jewelry piece combines ancient wisdom, powerful symbolism, and exceptional craftsmanship.

Authentic Ice Obsidian Gemstones

Each bead is carefully selected from top-quality 5.5mm ice obsidian - a mesmerizing black gemstone with a captivating silver-blue sheen. Ice obsidian is revered for grounding, promoting emotional balance, clarity of mind, and spiritual growth.

Hand-Carved Guan Gong Centerpiece

The centerpiece is a meticulously hand-carved ice obsidian Guan Gong pendant measuring approximately 37.7x56x9.3mm. Guan Gong, the God of War and Wealth, symbolizes loyalty, righteousness, integrity, success, and prosperity in Chinese culture. Wearing this pendant attracts positive energies and protection.

Durable Chinese Braided Cords

Strung on strong, braided Chinese cords, this necklace blends natural beauty with cultural authenticity and longevity. The durable cords ensure you can wear this meaningful piece with confidence.

Versatile Gemstone Necklace

Suitable for men and women, this handmade ice obsidian Guan Gong necklace is a versatile accessory and powerful talisman. It makes a stylish yet meaningful addition to any gemstone jewelry collection or a thoughtful gift.
Embrace the ancient protective energies of ice obsidian combined with the cultural significance of Guan Gong. Wear this necklace as a reminder to cultivate inner strength, clarity, and resilience on your spiritual journey.


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