Handmade Clear Quartz Seven Chakra Healing Crystal Bracelet | Amethyst Lapis Aquamarine Malachite Brown Tiger Eye Orange Red Garnet

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  • Handmade Healing Gemstone Bracelet for Men and Women
  • One Wrist Size Fits from 6″/15.24cm to 6.5″/16.51cm
  • 6mm Natural High-quality Clear Quartz – 24 Beads
  • 6mm Natural Healing Stones – Amethyst, Lapis Lazuli, Old Mine Aquamarine, Malachite, Brown Tiger Eye, Spessartine Orange Garnet, Red Garnet
  • Strung with multiple Durable Elastic/Stretchable Cords
  • More details in the description below

Clear Quartz Chakra Healing Crystal Bracelet

This exquisite handmade crystal bracelet is a masterpiece of healing and spiritual connection. Featuring six natural healing stones, each carefully selected to resonate with the seven chakras, this piece is designed to balance and align the wearer's energy. The combination of clear quartz, amethyst, lapis lazuli, old mine aquamarine, malachite, brown tiger eye, spessartine orange garnet, and red garnet creates a powerful synergy that promotes overall well-being and spiritual growth.

At the heart of this bracelet lies the clear quartz, known for its amplifying and clarifying properties. It enhances the effects of the other stones, allowing the wearer to tap into their full potential. The amethyst, associated with the crown chakra, fosters spiritual connection and intuition, while the lapis lazuli, linked to the third eye, promotes mental clarity and wisdom. The old mine aquamarine, connected to the throat chakra, encourages effective communication and self-expression.

The malachite, tied to the heart chakra, nurtures emotional balance and compassion, while the brown tiger eye, associated with the solar plexus, boosts confidence and personal power. The spessartine orange garnet, linked to the sacral chakra, stimulates creativity and passion, and the red garnet, connected to the root chakra, grounds and stabilizes the wearer's energy.

Strung with durable elastic cords, this bracelet is designed to fit comfortably from 6 to 6.5 inches around the wrist, making it suitable for both men and women. The 6mm beads are made from high-quality natural materials, ensuring a luxurious and long-lasting piece.

Wear this Clear Quartz Chakra Healing Crystal Bracelet to experience the transformative power of the seven chakras. Its unique blend of healing properties and spiritual significance makes it an exceptional gift for anyone seeking balance, harmony, and spiritual growth.


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