8mm Vietnamese Earth Agarwood 108 Mala Beads Bracelet/Necklace for Meditation – Gem & Silver AW013

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Zen Yoga Meditation Healing Bracelet & Necklace
Protection, Spiritual, Grounding, Chakras, & Awareness
  • Handmade Earth Agarwood 108 Meditation Beads
  • Natural 8mm Vietnamese Earth Agarwood
  • Also known as Eaglewood, Gaharu, & Mala
  • Functions as Bracelet or Necklace
  • Made for Men & Women / All Genders
  • Each White Agarwood bead is handcrafted

Fits wrist sizes:

  • 7"/17.78cm to 8"/20.32cm (4 wraps)
  • 6"/15.24cm (5 wraps)

Ziplock bag will be included with your shipment in order to keep the fragrance of the Earth Agarwood 108 Meditation Beads

*Wholesale Pricing Available


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