If time is a social construct, then the concept of a “New Year” is simply an opportunity for a psychological reset. A foundation of human conditioning is the ability to change and adapt, & we can do that whenever we want.

– Change is a subconscious, inevitable thing. –

– every second, we are creating dozens of micro decisions, our past traumas inflicting & influencing current responses, our cells doing little song & dances, designing symphonies within each one of our bodies, and eventually outgrowing us –

But imagine what we could do if we were active, aware, & consciously acknowledging the depth of our own capacity. If we were to arrange a space for change, however small – what would that look like? What purpose will that add to your life? Would it make you feel more confident, more powerful? 



It is the one topic that I recognized comes with a huge amount of privilege. It most often involves resources – education, money, and a level of self-awareness that I don’t think I’d have without therapy. I now acknowledge & take responsibility for my own privilege, and I’m in a mental and physical space where I can openly share my goals with you.

Health comes in many forms, & I’m changing my approach for :
1. Nutritional Health
2. Mental Health
3. Financial Health

PART 1/3 : Nutritional Health

I love the way food feels in my mouth, and enters my body as it warms my spirit – an instant smile. I love the carbonation of sparkling wine on my tongue after a bite of something spicy. I love the effort I took making the meal. I love to experience this at all times, whenever possible. The only thing that came between me & my food was my previous 9-5, and the nonexistent freedom to experience whatever satiating experience, when I wanted to. 

What I’m dealing with is a severely overactive Sacral Chakra. 

The primary association of the Sacral Chakra is Pleasure. An overactive Sacral Chakra is when one experiences addiction and gluttony – not being able to exercise self-control when enough is enough. I often started to feel guilty taking pleasure in things that aren’t nourishing to my soul and body. (Who doesn’t enjoy a glass of wine.. or three, before bed, taking a bath, and with friends?? Because Self-Care, am I right?!) However, I realized I have simply reached a point where I don’t feel good anymore, and I have been effectively ignoring that feeling.

I intend to balance out my Sacral Chakra by exercising Discipline. It is one of the deepest forms of self-love because it is the thing that will serve you with brutal honesty – telling yourself NO when it counts the most.


Spiritual Gemstones that will help regulate your Sacral Chakra :
Orange Carnelian

Carnelian is the gemstone I found to be most helpful, and one that I connected most with during my Sacral Chakra meditation. Carnelian’s natural energy allows anyone who wears it to experience life with flexibility, without being ruled and dominated by their emotions.

Meditation Mantra : I love and appreciate myself enough to deny the things that are not nourishing to my body, and does not align with my basic needs.


What are your goals for 2020?

I want to start building a community here that lifts each other up. If you have any advice for me, I’d be happy to read them in the comments below! If you have tips for others, post that in the comments as well!!

Being vulnerable is hard. Thank you for letting me share my thoughts and experiences with you.
– Joyce

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