Powerfully Grounding Reiki Gift Set | High Grade Raw Black Tourmaline Chunks | Handmade Stretch Bracelet | Root Chakra Meditation Muladhara Manifestation



Size Guide
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HEALING CHAKRAS REIKI GIFT SET / GIFT PACKAGE ~ Handmade with loving intentions for Men, Women, All Genders! - A Perfect Gift for friends and family :)

Elastic Bracelet has a Fixed Wrist Size!! : 7"/17.78cm
* See below for wrist measuring instructions

Bracelet Best Fits Wrist Sizes from 6.5"/16.51cm to 7.5"/19.05cm
Easily Adjustable for Multiple Sizes
(will fit larger wrists, but more string will be shown around the wrist when adjusted)
*See below for wrist measuring instruction.

  • Included Free with Purchase:
    - Soft Jewelry Bag

A Soft, Metallic Silver Embossed Jewelry Bag will be included in your order to help maintain your bracelet and crystal set in its best condition for many years. When not in use, you may place them back in the bag to prevent friction, dust, and scratches :)

    ~ All Inclusive Mindfulness, Grounding, Security, and Practicing Patience through Daily Wear and Exposure
    ~ Meditation, Manifestation, Enlightenment, Awareness, Protection, Grounding Prana Qi, Powerful Reiki Healing, Chakra Regulation & Alignment
    ~ Make a modern, effortless statement! GEM+SILVER jewelry is designed minimally to coordinate with anything you wear!
    ~ Use these soothing, high quality Tourmaline gemstone beads and raw crystal set to bring about mindfulness during your meditation practice, or simply for daily wear, awareness, compassion, self-soothing, and gratitude. Scroll down for more information about the benefits of wearing and meditating with High Grade Black Tourmaline.

    Item Descriptions : Please read the item description carefully before purchasing :)

    * All parts of this Bracelet and Crystal Reiki Gift Set are measured as accurately as possible. Quality Checks are taken very seriously to ensure you the item is as described. Due to the natural formation of gemstones, crystals, & a 100% Handmade Product, all bracelets will have slight variations.

    Simple Modern Handmade Stretch Elastic Bracelet :

    How to measure your wrist for a perfect fit
    We want to make sure this bracelet fits you correctly!
    We don't recommend measuring a previously owned bracelet or watch because bead sizes/styles of each bracelet will vary, and will affect how your bracelet fits. Measuring around your wrist is different than measuring a bracelet from end to end or "lengthwise". In other words, we go by the inside circle circumference of the bracelet, and not by how long the bracelet is.

    • Black Tourmaline :
      - This Healing Gemstone is still revered as a premier talisman of protection, a psychic shield deflecting and dispelling negative energies, entities, or destructive forces.
    • ALL NATURAL, Untreated, Genuine, and Soothing Gemstone Beads:
      - 8mm High Grade Black Tourmaline
    • Threaded with multiple Strong and Durable Elastic Cords most popular for making Handmade Jewelry

    Genuine Raw Black Tourmaline Chunks :

    • Approximate Sizes : 2-4cm
    • Each Raw Black Tourmaline Chunk is chosen with loving intentions and infused with Root Chakra Reiki Energy Healing.
      - It is important to cleanse your crystal in direct sunlight or moonlight before use due to its previous owners before you, and its passing of various energy fields on its way to you!
    • Each crystal will be shipped at random. The item photo is for reference only.

    About Tourmaline Gemstones:
    - The Chakra associations for Tourmaline vary depending on color.

    - In general, Tourmaline is believed to promote inspiration and happiness, reduce fear, and build self-confidence. It's also used to balance opposite energies. Tourmaline comes in a variety of colors, the most common being black. It also comes in pink to red, blues, yellows, browns, greens, oranges, and then a combination of two or more of these colors. This is referred to as the rainbow tourmaline. The energies within the crystals differ depending on the colors. Attracting inspiration: Some believe tourmaline helps to clear, maintain, and stimulate each of the energy centers. It attracts inspiration. It will diminish people's fears by bringing understanding and encouraging self-confidence.

    Product ID : BR1922-GP

    Wrist / Ankle Measurement
    - It is important for us to make your bracelet or anklet to fit exactly where you want it.-
    (*For anklet buyers, you may measure your ankle just the same way as you measure your wrists.) 
    Measuring around your wrist or ankle is different than measuring a bracelet or anklet from end to end lengthwise.
    Please note: Different bead sizes affect the the measurement of your bracelet lengthwise. Regardless of bead size, the inside circumference of your bracelet is all the same. 

    Here's how to measure your wrist: Wrap around your wrist using a thin flexible measuring tape, and measure where you would like to wear your bracelet
    *No need to add extra length. We add close to a 1/4 inch to each bracelet for your comfort.

    No problem!

    If you don't have a flexible measuring tape handy, you may use a strip of thin paper or a thin string (be sure they are thin). Wrap and mark where it overlaps on your wrist, and then lay the strip or string flat to measure up to the mark using a standard ruler.