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High Quality 6mm Genuine Black and Gold Sunstone | Activates Sacral and Root Centers | Iridescent Healing Gemstone Bracelet for Expressing Positivity and Warmth, Maintaining High Energy



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All Inclusive, Unwavering Warmth, Positivity, Energy, and Maintaining Vitality through Daily Wear and Exposure - If you want to exude the atmosphere of the person that everyone wants to be around, then Black and Gold Sunstone is the gem for you :)

~ Handmade with loving intentions for All Genders!
~ Make an effortless statement! GEM+SILVER jewelry is designed minimally to coordinate with anything you wear.
~ Meditation, Manifestation, Enlightenment, Awareness, Protection, Grounding Prana Qi, Powerful Reiki Healing, Chakra Regulation & Alignment

  • Included Free with Purchase:
    - Silver Polishing Cloth
    - Soft Jewelry Bag

Free Silver Polishing Cloth and a Soft, Metallic Silver Embossed Jewelry Bag will be included in your order to help maintain your bracelet in its best condition for many years. Yellowing is a natural aging process of Sterling Silver. Use the complimentary Polishing Cloth to return the Silver to its original condition. When not in use, you may place your bracelet back in the bag to prevent friction, dust, and scratches :)

- Use these high quality gemstone beads to bring about mindfulness during your meditation practice, or simply for daily wear, awareness, compassion, self-soothing, and gratitude :) Scroll down for more information about the benefits of wearing Natural Sunstone.

Item Specifics :

Wrist Sizes Available : 6.5"/16.51cm to 9"/22.86cm
* Custom made to fit various wrist sizes - choose your size in the drop down menu
* If you don't see your size, we will be happy to make it! Just message us :)

How to measure your wrist for a perfect fit
We want to make sure this bracelet fits you correctly! We don't recommend measuring a previously owned bracelet or watch because bead sizes/styles of each bracelet will vary, and will affect how your bracelet fits. Measuring around your wrist is different than measuring a bracelet from end to end or "lengthwise". In other words, we go by the inside circle circumference of the bracelet, and not by how long the bracelet is.

* All parts of this bracelet are measured as accurately as possible. Quality Checks are taken very seriously to ensure you the item is as described. Due to the natural formation of gemstones & a 100% Handmade Product, all bracelets will have slight variations. Please read the item description carefully before purchasing :) View disclaimer at the end of this page.

  • Minimal and Modern Handmade Stretch Elastic Bracelet
  • Genuine, Untreated, High Quality, Soothing, and Natural :
    - 6mm Healing Black and Gold Sunstone
  • Unplated Genuine 925 Sterling Silver :
    - 3mm Ball Spacer Beads
    * Some Silver parts may not have the 925 Stamp due to design aesthetics, and especially if the Silver Part is too small. Rest assured, all of our Sterling Silver parts are promised to be Genuine and Authenticated unless otherwise stated.
  • Threaded with Multiple Strong and Durable Elastic Cords most popular for making Handmade Jewelry

About Sunstone :
- Sunstone is a member of the Feldspar family, and is named for its warm shades of gold, orange, reds and browns that sparkle like the sun. Black Sunstone has bright golden flashes and is not to be mistaken for Labradorite. It amplifies the clairvoyance in Scorpios and helps them to act in a rational, intuitive fashion. Inclusions of Goethite or Hematite refract light between the different crystal layers and produce an iridescent effect as the stone is viewed from various angles. Sunstone carries the energy of Ra, the sun god due to the gem's luminescence. Reflecting the qualities of Light, it brings openness, strength, mental clarity, and the willingness to shower warm, smiling energy upon others. It is a Stone of Leadership and a Stone of Joy - It helps remove co-dependency, guiding you back to your own personal power, encouraging independence, freedom, and original thinking. As a workplace crystal, Sunstone increases your presence, and brings out those opportunities to take the lead. As a Stone of Joy, it inspires Self-nurturing in order to be of service to others. Wear Sunstone to feel alive and enthusiastic. It increases vitality and is beneficial in starting, and maintaining, high energy throughout the day. Sunstone is highly effective in cleansing the aura and removing toxic hooks from possessive people or anyone draining your energy. Sunstone surrounds these hooks with positive, warm, light energy and helps you in times when it is especially difficulty saying "No."

- With its powers of the sun and light, Sunstone is particularly energizing to the Base and Sacral Chakras, stimulating leadership and will, creativity and sexuality. Those who hold back because of fears and self-doubt may find Sunstone melts away the sense of imposter's syndrome, unworthiness or being abandoned. It can help transform anger into enthusiasm and judgment into joy.

- When physically out of balance the symptoms will manifest themselves as lethargy, low levels of activity, low enthusiasm, and a need for constant stimulation. Sunstone will bring balance to the Root Chakra, (also known as the Base Chakra, Muladhara, or your First Chakra) so you may feel more connected and secure to your natural Human tendencies, desires, and passion. When the Root Chakra is in sync with all other chakras, you will begin to feel grounded, safe and secure. This is due to the stone's strong connection with the Earth.

- The gold and orange shades of Sunstone identify with the Sacral Chakra (also known as Svadhishthana or your Second Chakra), located below the naval and above the pubic bone at the front of the pelvis. When it is out of balance the symptoms will manifest themselves as confusion, extreme co-depency, repression of feelings, the frustration over the inability to feel joy, and fear of sensuality. Sunstone will regulate your Sacral Chakra. The primary association of the Sacral Chakra is Pleasure, and regulating this Second Chakra will allow you to experience life with flexibility, without being ruled and dominated by your emotions. This chakra controls the flow of information from the body to the mind and from the mind to the body. Gut feelings and intuition comes from this chakra. Gold energy in Sunstone brings success, enthusiasm, happiness, and power. Dark Gold crystals have a deeper, more pronounced sense of devotion and commitment, providing us with a mature enthusiasm and ability to share a lifelong commitment of care and love.

Product ID : BR1948

Wrist / Ankle Measurement
- It is important for us to make your bracelet or anklet to fit exactly where you want it.-
(*For anklet buyers, you may measure your ankle just the same way as you measure your wrists.) 
Measuring around your wrist or ankle is different than measuring a bracelet or anklet from end to end lengthwise.
Please note: Different bead sizes affect the the measurement of your bracelet lengthwise. Regardless of bead size, the inside circumference of your bracelet is all the same. 

Here's how to measure your wrist: Wrap around your wrist using a thin flexible measuring tape, and measure where you would like to wear your bracelet
*No need to add extra length. We add close to a 1/4 inch to each bracelet for your comfort.

No problem!

If you don't have a flexible measuring tape handy, you may use a strip of thin paper or a thin string (be sure they are thin). Wrap and mark where it overlaps on your wrist, and then lay the strip or string flat to measure up to the mark using a standard ruler.