Elastic Bracelets

Agarwood Mala 108 Prayer Beads 水沉香 | Meditation Beads | Natural Fragrance Soothing Aroma | Handmade Elastic Wrap Bracelet and Necklace


Size Guide

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Modern Simple Healing through Daily Wear and Exposure

Can be worn as a necklace or wrap bracelet for Meditation, Manifestation, Awareness, Protection, Grounding Prana Chi, Powerful Reiki Healing, Chakra Regulation & Alignment

For Wrist Sizes (approximately):
5.5" / 14cm - 5.9" / 15cm (3 wraps)
9" / 22.86cm (2 wraps)

  • 5mm 108 Sinking Agarwood/Agilawood Bead(水沉香)
    * Each Agarwood bead is Hand-crafted, Hand-sanded with love and care
  • Handmade and Threaded with Durable Elastic/Stretchable Cord
  • Originated From Vietnam
  • Included Free with Purchase:
    - Soft Jewelry Bag

A Free Soft, metallic silver embossed Jewelry Bag will be included in your order to help maintain your agarwood beads in its best condition for many years. When not in use, you may place your agarwood back in the bag to prevent friction, dust, and scratches :)

- This Agarwood Necklace / Wrap Bracelet has a naturally sweet and comforting smell. The smell is subtle and gentle, but will remain present throughout the day.

Agarwood Packaging :
- Due to its gentle and delicate aroma, a plastic bag will be included with your shipment in order to keep the fragrance of the Agarwood Beads. When not in use, it is advised to keep Agarwood sealed in the bag to preserve the bracelet.


About Agarwood :
- Agarwood bracelets are used as mala bead bracelets for meditation and daily awareness. The natural fragrance from Agarwood is an amazing stress reliever. If needed, it has the ability to distill your thoughts and pause your thinking if only for a moment. Agarwood can you get into the desired states of mind quickly. Set your intentions each time you see or touch your bracelet, pause, and come back to the present moment so you can observe the reality around you. Use these soothing, high quality Agarwood beads to bring about mindfulness during your meditation practice, or simply for daily wear, awareness, compassion, self-soothing, and gratitude :)

*All parts of this bracelet are measured as accurately as possible. Quality Checks are taken very seriously to ensure you the item is as described. Due to the natural formation of agarwood & a 100% Handmade Product, all bracelets will have slight variations.

Product ID : AWB015

Wrist / Ankle Measurement
- It is important for us to make your bracelet or anklet to fit exactly where you want it.-
(*For anklet buyers, you may measure your ankle just the same way as you measure your wrists.) 
Measuring around your wrist or ankle is different than measuring a bracelet or anklet from end to end lengthwise.
Please note: Different bead sizes affect the the measurement of your bracelet lengthwise. Regardless of bead size, the inside circumference of your bracelet is all the same. 

Here's how to measure your wrist: Wrap around your wrist using a thin flexible measuring tape, and measure where you would like to wear your bracelet
*No need to add extra length. We add close to a 1/4 inch to each bracelet for your comfort.

No problem!

If you don't have a flexible measuring tape handy, you may use a strip of thin paper or a thin string (be sure they are thin). Wrap and mark where it overlaps on your wrist, and then lay the strip or string flat to measure up to the mark using a standard ruler.